Hey guys, my name is Dani and I am a New York based photographer. I stumbled across my love of photography in the summer of 2015 by taking photos with my iPhone during my walks after work. I got my Nikon D3200 shortly after that and never looked back. I am what you would call an “enthusiast” and mostly do photography for fun and as a means to relax. I am always open to do a collaboration and working on projects, so don’t hesitate to contact me about possibly working together!

I started this site as a means to help me see the changes and growth in my style and creative ability. I also figured that just like me, there were other amateur photographers out there learning, so why not document my journey and possibly help anyone else out there seeking information to help them? So please check out my photos, contact me with any comments, inquiries, or questions! You can also reach me on social media at GothamNoirNYC on twitter and Instagram.